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I have always dreamt of taking photos while being above a sea of clouds when standing high on a mountain. I experienced this situation just once in my life and it was breathtaking. Unfotunately back in the days I weren’t into photography yet. About 6 years later I saw this not too unknown place called Loser-Panoramastrasse on Mapify. It was end of September and chances were high at that time of the year to get above the clouds easily. With a lack of time and money for just one night in a very cheap hotel, we randomly decided to give the upcoming weekend a try. I will never get comfortable setting the alarm to 4-5 a.m.. After it rang, we looked out of the window and all we could see was fog and clouds. Discouraged we still decided to go out and drive to the supposed spot. Driving up a very steep mountain road, which was covered in fog, we noticed that somehow the white around us vanished slowly. No words can describe the feeling I had, as we suddenly could see blue sky and a ocean of clouds around us. We got insanely lucky with the conditions that day.